Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 16 2015 NY State Championships at Kissena Velodrome

Photos taken by Polly Chea - thanks Polly

Today I raced the NY State Track Championships at Kissena after two years away from racing, with the last year spent training on my Cyclops Spin bike at a secret high altitude training camp ........... my apartment in Queens which is located about 200 feet above sea level.

Training protocols were alternating days of intervals on the spin bike and P90X in my living room. No racing was done this season. I have only been on the track two times to practice some lines and force the muscle memory to remember what it had forgotten.

The results today were:

3rd place in the 500 meter in the 50 plus age group.

1. James J - 1st Place in a time of 38 plus seconds
2. Mike W - 2nd Place in a time of 39 plus seconds
3. Mike M - 3rd Place - Gear 50 x 15 = 90 inch in a time of 40 plus seconds (could have ridden a bigger gear)

2nd place in the Flying 200 meter in the 50 plus age group.

1. James J - 1st Place with a time of 12:47 seconds
2. Mike M - 2n Place with a time of 13.06 seconds - Gear 52 x 13 = 108 inch
3. Doug R - 3rd Place with a time of 13.86 seconds

The match sprints were cancelled because of approaching thunderstorms, but I would have probably placed in the top three based on the flying 200 meter times. I was planning on sprinting in a 96 inch gear.

2nd place in the Team Sprint in the 50 plus age group.

But there were only two teams for the Team Sprint, so that really doesn't count - Gear 52 x 13 = 108" as the anchor rider.

Not a bad day considering I wasn't as enthusiastic about training as I once was. I probably could have been half a second faster had I been training on the track. My fastest flying 200 meter at Kissena a couple of years ago was about 12.40 in a 52 x 13 = 108 inch gear.