Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8 29 2010 Kissena Velodrome pics by Tatyana Kildisheva

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8 29 2010 Kissena Velodrome - Sprint pics by Lori Schlussel

2009 & 2010 Flying 200 Meter times at Kissena States using different gears

2010 Kissena Velodrome States Flying 200 meter times
Kissena Velodrome States 2009 & 2010 Flying 200 meter times comparison

Thanks to Alan from Atwood Racing Services for sending me the data.


2010 Kilo Times Comparison using different gears

Kissena Velodrome opening weekend using 98" gear
T-Town Velodrome using 96" gear
Kissena Velodrome State Championships using 92" gear
This year I rode two personal best times - one at T-Town and one at Kissena. My goal this year was to ride a 1:16 Kilo.

I got close to that target at T-Town on August 21, 2010 with 1:17.45 (96"gear), previous best time at T-Town in 2009 was 1:19 (108" gear).

I also rode a personal best time of 1:20.59 (92" gear) at Kissena the following week beating my previous best of 1:20.80 (98" gear opening weekend).

The interesting point to note is that I used a 98" gear on opening weekend in May 2010 at Kissena and then used a 92" gear in August 2010. This season I worked on leg speed drills by doing high cadence work in small gears on the road, track and spin bike. The equipment used were pretty much the same except on opening weekend I used a tear drop helmet and then used a Casco Warp II helmet on the remaining two kilos. Although it would have been interesting to see what time I would have obtained had I used a 98" gear at Kissena this past weekend at the State Championships, since I continued lifting weights and doing plyometrics through out the cycling season.

At T-Town it was good to see how my time stacked up against the likes of national champions such as David Espinosa and other Masters around the region - well err, umm (you suck)........ I need to train harder / smarter and to find out what gear and cadence range suits my level of fitness at different points during the season.

-Tiemeyer Bike
-Rear tubular disk wheel 
-Mavic ellipse front clincher
-Aero Bars
-Long sleeve skin suit
-Shimano clipless pedals with toe straps
-Shoe covers
-Tear drop helmet - opening weekend
-Casco Warp II helmet - T-Town and States

Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 29 2010 Kissena States

Scott Savory standing at attention with a ton of gold around his neck.
The gang with their medals - Scott still standing at attention.
Stephanie Torres winning more medals as usual
Anthony Freeman & Siraaj Khandar with their medals - Scott still standing at attention.
Stephanie again
The gang all smiles - Scott finally not standing at attention.
I got the bronze in the Cat 4 Kilo with a time of 1:20.59. Qualified third in the Cat 4 flying 200 meter with a time of 13.06, and ended up fourth in the match sprints. Got the bronze in the Cat 4 team sprints. Results here http://www.kissena.info/track/results/2010/2010EliteStateChampionships.pdf . Lots of cameras were out there today, maybe later we can see some action shots.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

8 28 2010 Kissena Cycle Club retro jersey

Today Al Barouh was sporting a Kissena Cycle Club retro jersey which reminded me of the 80s when I use to wear one.