Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Force training by Joel Friel

The main message here is this: Endurance athletes who are deficient in force will never fully realize their capacity to swim, bike or run fast because they lack power. You also need power to climb hills and plow through rough water. Having a good level of force, the ability to overcome resistance (such as gravity or drag), is a critical aspect of power. Let’s examine power from a physics perspective and then tie it into our world of endurance more

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Plyometrics = Jump Training

Above are some specific Plyometric exercises for track cycling - image was extracted from the book "Jumping Into Plyometrics" by Donald A. Chu, PhD, 2nd Edition. link

Plyometrics or Jump Training is defined as exercises that enable a muscle to reach maximum strength in as short a time as possible. This speed-strength ability is known as power ( Power = Work/Time). Power is the ability to do strength work at an explosive pace.

Before starting Jump Training, one must have a solid base in Strength Training, which is achieved by lifting weights. Lifting heavy weights develop force (muscular strength), which is needed in jumping since muscle contraction is involved...... more info here.

Advance training would include a combination of weights and jumps, such as using a weighted vest.

Friday, November 27, 2009

November 27 2009 Functional Threshold Power Test

A 20 minute test, the dip in the power profile shows where I had to go easy after starting out a bit too hard.

Age - 44
Weight - 177 lbs
Body fat - 17.5 %

Above are training zones which were established based on 20 minute test data. The CTS equivalent column shows the terminology used by Chris Carmichael in his training videos and books.

Test extracted from 'Training and Racing with a Power Meter' by Hunter Allen & Andrew Coggan:

-20 minute warm up at 65% max heart rate
-1 minute fast pedal at 100 rpm
-1 minute recovery
-1 minute fast pedal at 100 rpm
-1 minute recovery
-1 minute fast pedal at 100 rpm
-5 minute at 65% max heart rate
-5 minute all out
-10 minute at 65% max heart rate
-20 minute time trial to establish avg power and heart.
-10 minute at 65% max heart rate
-10 minute cool down

Monday, November 9, 2009

2009 Kissena Velodrome 150 lap Garmin data




Gear: 48x15 = 86"
Bike: Tiemeyer
Wheels: Mavic Ellipse clinchers
Weather: Sunny, mild 55 to 65 temps.
Number of riders: 13
Laps: 150
Miles: 40
Time: 2 hours
Avg Speed: 20 mph

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fit Test on 10/31/2009

It has been about 1 month now since I started the gym, transitioning into weight lifing and detraining the cycling muscles. On 9/26/2009 I did a base line fit test at home. Today I did the same fit test in the gym - all the scores have improved, except the recovery pulse after a 3 minute step test - this is understandable since I am not doing interval training at the moment.

Body weight - 175 lbs.

Test - Pull Ups with palms facing in
Quantity = 15
Score - average
Measures upper body strength and endurance.

Test - Vertical Leap
Quantity = 22 inches
Score - above average
Measures lower body power levels.

Test - Push Ups
Quantity = 62
Score - Excellent
Measures muscular strength and endurance.

Test - Sit & Reach Toes
Quantity = +3 1/2 inches past toes
Score - Good
Measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstring.

Test - Wall Sit isometric
Quantity = 2 minutes 30 seconds
Score - Excellent
Measures quadriceps strength and endurance.

Test - In & Out crunches
Quantity = 100
Score - Excellent
Measures abdominal strength and endurance

Test - Standing Long Jump
Quantity = 7’-5”
Score - Average
Measures explosive power of the legs

Test - 3 minute Step Test - HR 166
Quantity = HR after 1 min 156 bpm
Score - Very Poor
Measure your ability to recover after a hard effort

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Izumi attends Kerin event in Japan

September 2009 - Kissena Velodrome racer and Bike Messenger Izumi (in yellow) revisited Japan, after migrating to the US five years ago. The main reason for the trip was to visit family and a few Keirin venues. He also attended a Keirin session in Izu where they have three Velodromes – a 400 meter, 333 meter and 250 meter. See more photos and a description of his trip at this link - Japan Diary