Monday, February 28, 2011

Great deal on Carbon Fiber Track Wheels

For sale is a 700c HED-3 front tubular (full carbon) track wheels. I'm the second owner. The first owner purchased it new in 2010 and used it for one TT race. It was never crashed or abused. The wheel original has the HED skewer, but I had HED change it over to a HED track axle. Both will be included with the sale. The wheel is glued up with a Vittoria Corsa Evo-CX 21-28". It's been sitting deflated for several months so I may suggest having the tire re-glued before track season.

The HED 3 Stickers were removed for the stealth black look. They can be replaced by HED for 20 bucks if you're into the look of logos being plastered all over your bike.

Asking price is $425 + shipping in the USA.

Secondly, I have for sale a BRAND NEW, never used Karbona UFO rear tubular track disc (full carbon). 3k Woven Matte finish. This is single sided, track specific with threads for cog/lock ring. The wheel was purchased brand new this past year with the intention of riding more pursuits this year, but plans have changed. The wheel is glued up with a brand new Continental Sprinter 22x700. The tire is deflated because I don't have a pump to fit disc wheels. These are very difficult to get in the USA and they sell for nearly 1,500.00 from CarbonFreaks store online.

Asking price is $500 + shipping.

I will make a deal for someone who is wanting to buy both together. They make a great set.

Click for pictures

Grab them before Apple gets a hold of them.....

Friday, February 25, 2011


My take on the over priced carbon fiber wheel and bicycle market:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power Interval Ladder workout - Carmichael Training Video #11

Basically what it boils down to is 15 minutes of intervals in Zone 6 (Anaerobic Capacity) = 286kJ of work

Posititon: Queens, NY
Altitude: 50 feet above Sea Level
Equipment: Saris Cyclops 300pt Spin Bike
Riders in Group: 1

Warm up - 5 minutes

Fast pedal - 1 minute at 120 rpm
Recover - 1 minute
Fast pedal - 1 minute at 130 rpm
Recover - 1 minute
Fast pedal - 1 minute at 140 rpm
Recover - 1 minute

Power Interval - 3 minutes at 250 Watts
Recover - 3 minutes
Power Interval - 2 minutes at 250 Watts
Recover - 2 minutes
Power Interval - 1 minute at 290 Watts
Recover - 3 minutes

Power Interval - 3 minutes at 250 Watts
Recover - 3 minutes
Power Interval - 2 minutes at 250 Watts
Recover - 2 minutes
Power Interval - 1 minute at 310 Watts
Recover - 3 minutes

Power Interval - 1 minute at 310 Watts
Recover - 1 minute
Power Interval - 1 minute at 310 Watts
Recover - 1 minute
Power Interval - 1 minute at 310 Watts

Cool Down - 10 minutes

According to Carmichael Training Systems, this workout is to keep you on your toes and push your VO2 max to new heights. Based on chart below this would be a good workout for the Kilo event, targeting the anaerobic lactic system and aerobic systems.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Contribution of energy systems to time of movement (Running)

For Running

Time adjusted for track cycling:
-200 meter - 10 seconds
-1000 meter - 60 seconds
-1,600 meter - 2 minutes
-150 laps or 40 miles - 2 hours (Kissena Iron Arse Challenge)

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Tour de Mumbai

Cyclingweekly photos

1. HUNTER Robert RSH 01:47:07
3. MCEVOY Jonathan MPT

2011 UCI Track World Cup - Manchester - Flying 200 Meter

Kevin Sireau - 9.983 seconds = 44.815 mph

Chris Hoy - 10.046 seconds = 44.534 mph

Jason Kenny - 10.049 seconds = 44.521 mph

Kevin Sireau

Chris Hoy

Jason Kenny

Cyclingweekly photos

200m Qualifying

1 Kévin SIREAU FRA 9.983

2 Chris HOY SKY 10.046

3 Jason KENNY SKY 10.049

4 Maximilian LEVY GER 10.144

5 Scott SUNDERLAND JAY 10.235

6 Lei ZHANG CHN 10.256

7 Michaël D'ALMEIDA FRA 10.258

8 Damian ZIELINSKI POL 10.269

9 Teun MULDER NED 10.293

10 Azizulhasni AWANG YSD 10.310

11 Carsten BERGEMANN ERD 10.315

12 Tsubasa KITATSURU JPN 10.325

13 Andrii VYNOKUROV UKR 10.329

14 Robert FORSTEMANN ERD 10.333

15 Miao ZHANG CHN 10.363

16 Bernard ESTERHUIZEN RSA 10.386

17 Roy VAN DEN BERG NED 10.391

18 Daniel ELLIS JAY 10.418

19 Travis SMITH CAN 10.424

20 Denis SHURSHIN RUS 10.450

21 Sam WEBSTER NZL 10.470

22 Joseph VELOCE CAN 10.479

23 Tomas BABEK CZE 10.482

24 Ethan MITCHELL NZL 10.482


26 Yudai NITTA JPN 10.492

27 Tobias WACHTER GER 10.500

28 Christos VOLIKAKIS GRE 10.545

29 Josiah NG ONN LAM MAS 10.545

30 Jimmy WATKINS USA 10.566

31 Adam PTACNIK CZE 10.567

32 Vladimir KHOZOV RUS 10.569

33 Hersony Gadiel CANELON VERA VEN 10.589

34 Maciej BIELECKI POL 10.651

35 Zafeirios VOLIKAKIS GRE 10.660

36 Muhamad Edrus MD YUNOS MAS 10.676


38 Atsushi SHIBASAKI CCT 10.724

39 Clemens SELZER AUT 10.730


41 Yuriy TSYUPYK UKR 10.806

42 Angel Ramiro PULGAR ARAUJO VEN 10.814

43 Kazuya NARITA CCT 10.943

44 Francesco CECI ITA 10.970

45 Tomeu GELABERT SERRA STR 11.065

46 Valerio CATELLINI ITA 11.120

47 Miles STOVOLD DFT 11.179

48 Andrew KELLEY DFT 11.201

49 Adria SABATE MASIP CAT 11.359

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fatsecrets.Com - Counting calories

As a little experiment I decided to start counting calories and exercise from mid October 2010 to mid January 2011. As you can see from the above chart my weight fluctuate between 171 lbs to 177 lbs during this period. Current weight as of 2/13/2011 is 174 lbs.

This is what the month of November 2010 looked like.
Red indicates food intake.
Green indicates exercise.

Daily average calories burnt = 2,857 kcal
Daily average food intake = 2,917 kcal
-fat = 86.99 grams
-protein = 182.73 grams
-carbs = 382.95 grams

I guess the ratio of fats to carbs to protein has to be adjusted to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass depending on whose school of thought is in vogue. In the meantime I remain clueless when it comes to diet and nutrition. I believe we are being fed a lot of bad information when it comes to nutrition, all in the name of profit

Watch full documentary at link below

Dropbox (Cloud Computing)

I would recommend 'Dropbox' if you have more than one computer, a smart phone, an iPad, iPod or any other computing device, where you would want to access and easily organize your files in a central location and then later archive them. I have a USB stick which I use to transfer files from one computer to another, unfortunately you can't plug a USB stick into a smart phone or iPod. The next best solution is to store your files to the "Cloud" where it can be accessed from anywhere. Drop box offers 2 Gig storage which is more than enough space for what I do. You can also download the 'Dropbox' App to your smart phone where you can easily access files that were uploaded to the Cloud. It is also a very efficient way of transferring photos or files from your smart phone. Just drag and drop, best of all it is free, I like free.

Pioneer Cycling Computer

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011 Training Summary Sheet

January 2011 was a very bad month for bicycle riding outdoors - too much adverse weather (snow every week).