Monday, November 29, 2010

Asian Games 2010 Kerin Finals

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Indoor Trainer Kilometer Record = 32.48 seconds

Manfred has held seven Guinness world records for roller racing related cycling. He has won over 80 roller races most of these between 1983 and 1990, in June1984 he won six events (and six bikes) in one month! The records Manfred has set are pretty mind-blowing, will he come out of retirement to take on younger riders in the growing goldsprints scene?

Manfred’s Amazing Records:

* Sustained power of 1020 watts average over one minute to power 100 electric razors (13 May 1991)

* Maximum peak power 2378 watts for 3 seconds to power 200 energy saving light bulbs (22 March 1995)

* 14.36 seconds for 500 metres, average speed 126kph / 78mph, maximum speed 133 kmh /83mph
on the CYCLUS 2 Recordtrainer Gear ratio 54×12 / 121.5″ (15 August 1997)

* 32.48 seconds for 1000m average speed 111kph / 69mph, maximum speed 119 kmh /74mph
on the CYCLUS 2 Recordtrainer Gear ratio 54×12 / 121.5″ (8 August 1997)

* Cadence record 271 RPM on 170mm cranks (9 March 1990)

* Absolute speed record on a standard bike164.1 kmh / 102 mph 54 x 11 gear (16 September 2000)

* Acceleration 0-100kmh in 1.7 seconds 52 x 13 gear (28 March 1990)



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lower Body Weight Workout - Training Zones

Today I worked out for an hour and a half in the gym, I used a pulse watch to track how much time was spent in each training zone. I am still in the high volume hypertrophy / endurance phase of weight training.

The workout consisted of:
-Warm up / core / stretching
-Hamstring curls
-One leg barbel squats
-Two leg barbel squats
-One leg dumbel squats
-Vertical Leg press
-Dead lifts
-Warm down

Time spent in training zones:
-Zone 1 - active recovery = 4 minutes
-Zone 2 - endurance = 27 minutes
-Zone 3 - tempo = 26 minutes
-Zone 4 - lactate threshold = 21 minutes
-Zone 5 - Vo2 max = 4 minutes

The only exercise which was able to push me into Zone 5 was the two leg squat with high reps and light weight. Below is the heart rate profile for the two leg squats using only 100 lbs, doing a 10 rep warm up and then doing 50 reps with the same weight. It was a result of doing 50 reps that my heart rate soared to 186 bpms. The only time it goes into zone 5 is during a race or doing hard intervals on the bike. The 50 reps took about two minutes to complete - basically this was an endurance set as noted here.

Fifty Athletes Over Fifty - Book

Sandy Scott is a colorful 69 year old elite cyclist who resides in Seminole, Florida, and who has managed to pack so much into his life that its density approaches that of a black hole, pulling you toward him to hear his stories. Sandy had a varied professional career, at one time or another being a police officer, in the military, a commercial airline pilot, a corporate sales executive, and an entrepreneur. Of all these, Sandy loved being a pilot the most, and because of this, says he would have done it for free. Sandy also has many other interests including chess, collecting all kinds of things, amateur radio, playing drums, martial arts, photography, skydiving, high-fidelity audio, logic puzzles, motorcycling, electronics, running, tennis, golf, and of course cycling............. read more

Monday, November 8, 2010

Brooklyn Velo Force - Velodrome comparison article by Scott Demel

.........Two BVF teammates, Chris Barbaria and Mike Howard, competed at tracks away from New York City region this season: Masters Track Nationals at the Frisco, Texas Velodrome and at the Pan-American games in Cuba. Chris described racing at the 250m Frisco Velodrome “like another sport” when compared to our local tracks at Kissena and Trexlertown. The steeper banking, the short straights and wood surface completely changed the approach to riding. For comparison:

- Kissena is 400m, an asphalt surface and banked 19 degrees.

- Trexlertown is 333m, a concrete surface and banked 27 degrees.

- Boulder is 142m, a wood surface, and banked 45 degrees............ read more

Friday, November 5, 2010

Typical Weight Training during the Hypertrophy Phase - October thru November

Currently doing a combination of Hypertrophy / Endurance weight training using relatively light weights.
My One Rep Max (1RM) for the Squat and Bench Press
Based on the One Rep Max I am doing a combination of Medium to Low intensity workouts alternating between upper body on one day and lower body another day. This gives the muscles 72 hours to recover and repair.
Typical warm up and core workout before weight training - takes about 15 minutes.
Typical lower body workout takes about 1 hour. This one leaves me extremely winded and sore.
Typical upper body workout takes about 1 hour. Not as hard as lower body but still a lot of residual soreness.

 December to February will be the Strength Phase.
March to April will be the Power Phase
May to September will be maintenance Phase

Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Masters Track World Championships - Portugal

Delroy Walters:
Bronze - 500 Meter time trial
Bronze - Match Sprints (qualified second - 13.919s)
Bronze - 2000 Meter time trial
Bronze - 5km Scratch Race
Gold - Points Race (WORLD CHAMPION)

Bonnie Woodbury:
Gold - 500 Meter (WORLD CHAMPION)