Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 2010 Training Summary Sheet

Training Metrics

Training Summary Sheet

10 31 2010 ride track bike on the road - 45x21 gear

Above - I set up my Prolite track bike to ride on the road, notice the clip on aero bars and the forward facing seat post - this is to get used to riding in the aero time trial postion for the kilo event. The forward facing seat post allows me to bring the seat more forward to change the seat tube angle to a steeper one allowing for a more powerful time trial position. The bike has a 45 x 21 inch gear (57.9") and a front brake to prevent any mishaps. Today I did 40 miles in three hours at an easy pace, see data below:

Garmin Data

Cell Phone Data

Monday, October 25, 2010

Managing Weight and Calories

I was never one for counting calories or monitoring food intake, I never really had a weight problem, only a body fat problem.(does that make sense?) As soon as the weather gets colder I noticed I tend to eat more and drink more. Also with the reduction in racing and riding the body fat percentage goes up.

I recently discovered this App for the Android smart phones – Calorie Counter it is called and it makes counting calories easy with its extensive database of foods, nutrient content, calculating your daily caloric needs, monitoring weight and exercise caloric expenditure and then displaying this information not only on your phone but sending it automatically to the website for further analysis. After only using this App for one week, it has opened my eyes to how easy it is to eat the wrong foods, or not get the ratio of carbs to fat to protein right. It only takes a few minutes to input the data in the phone which is always close by, so this new method of monitoring food intake is going to be a great learning experience and best of all it is free.

From their website:

The Calorie Counter is the essential Android application for people who want to keep track of their food, exercise and weight and be able to sync and access all their information online at

All the cool tools!

The Calorie Counter application has all the cool tools to help you succeed:
  • A food quick pick to get calorie and nutrition information
  • A barcode scanner for nutrition labels
  • A food diary to plan and keep track of what you’re eating
  • An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn
  • A weight chart
  • A journal to record your progress

Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Colin Prensky wins Bronze Medal at Elite Nationals

Bianchi track bike with Zipp wheels - $1,500

Ray Tirado is selling his Bianchi track bike with Zipp wheels and all components pictured above for $1,500. If you are interested - contact him at his email -

October 16 2010 4th Annual 150 lap iron arse ride - pics

Ride and food was organized by Chris Barbaria

October 16 2010 4th Annual Iron Arse 150 track ride - stats

Today was the annual 150 lap iron arse track ride, but before the ride I spent an hour in the gym doing squats and some other upper body workouts, above is the heart rate profile. The majority of the workout was spent in the Zone 3 as opposed to the 150 lap endurance ride heart rate profile where the majority of the ride was spent in Zone 5. I was using a 45x16 gear which is a 75.9 inch gear. Basically we did 150 laps in 2 hours at an average speed of about 20 mph.

Below is the stats from my cell phone using the Endomondo tracking app.

Weather today between 12 noon to 2 pm:
Temp - 58F
Humidity - 44%
Wind - 20 mph at NW

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book on "Training for the Velodrome"

I haven't come across any books dedicated solely to the sport of  training for Track Cycling. I guess Track Cycling is a secretive niche sport that it is economically unfeasible for someone to write a book - triathlon and road cycling are more popular variations of the sport. I am certainly not qualified to write a book on the subject. But if there was such a book, then the framework might go something like this:

1 - Analyzing the demands of track cycling.

2 - Assessing your health and functional strength.

3 - Testing and baseline fitness measurements.

4 - Creating a yearly training plan based on your goals.

5 - Building strength in the gym.

6 - Building power in the gym.

7 - Indoor cycling workouts.

8 - Pre-hab, core, agility workouts & stretching / massage.

9 - Converting strength and power to speed on the bicycle.

10 - Kilometer training.

11 - 500 meter training.

12 - 200 meter training.

13 - Match sprint training.

14 - Mass event and endurance training.

15 - Team events training.

16 - Motor pacing and leg speed workouts.

17 - Tactics and mental preparation.

18 - Equipment selection & aerodynamics.

19 - Gearing selection.

20 - Race day preparation.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 10 2010 Kerin practise data

The first Kerin practise session for the season was the brainchild of Lance Woodbury and Joe Brennan. It was a very successful day, and all of us left the track with some new skills and a total of six kerin efforts consisting of five laps per kerin. There were about 20 riders for the event. First off was the flying 200 meter to group riders based on their times, above is a sampling of the times, it was cool and windy today at the track. Below is a Garmin profile of my flying 200 meter in a 92 inch gear.

Below are the Garmin speed profiles for my six kerin efforts, on the sixth effort I ran out of juice and dropped out with one lap to go. Basically efforts took place with about 20 minutes rest in between. But still my heart rate didn't want to come down, need to work on my endurance over the winter.




10 10 2010 Kerin practise video clip

10 10 2010 Kerin practise photos