Friday, December 26, 2008

Caloric expenditures & Nutrient Timing 12 26 2008

Based on 172 lbs body weight:

Resting Caloric Expenditure (RCE) = 1, 892 calories

Daily Activities Caloric Expenditure (DA) = 284 calories

Workout Caloric Expenditure (WCE) = 598 calories

Daily Caloric Expenditure (DCE) = 2,774 calories

The Energy Phase - coincides with your workout. The primary metabolic objective of the muscle during this phase is to release sufficient energy to drive muscle contraction.

The Anabolic Phase - is the forty five minutes window following a workout in which your muscle machinery, in the right combination of nutrients, initiates the repair of damaged muscle protein and replinishes muscle glycogen stores.

The Growth Phase - extends from the end of the Anabolic Phase to the begining of the next workout. It is the time when the muscle enzymes are involved in increasing the number of contractile proteins and the size of muscle fibers, as well as in helping the muscle fully replenish muscle glycogen depleted during the Energy Phase.

Extracted from the book: Nutrient Timing (The Future of Sports Nutrition) by John Ivy & Robert Portman.

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