Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 30 2009 Flying 200 Meter time trials

Today in training I did three flying 200 Meter efforts:

-1st effort = 13:41 seconds = 33.40 mph average speed

-2nd effort = 13:21 seconds = 34.0 mph average speed

-3rd effort = 13:43 seconds = 33.38 mph average speed

My previous best official time was 13:39 seconds. Today on my second training effort I beat that time using my training wheels, no skin suit, no shoe covers and an 88" gear (49x15). Hopefully I can get closer to 13 seconds or even get into the 12 second zone with all the right accessories.

Weather today at 2:00 pm:
-Temp 74 F
-Humidity 43%
-8 mph from the west
-Sunny with 38% cloud cover
-Pressure 29.70 in

The weather today was optimum for riding good time trial times, just a tad bit windy.

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