Sunday, January 18, 2009

Components of Power

ANATOMY - the length of the levers (bones), and the positions of attachment of tendons and ligaments.

SKILL - the degree to which you have learned the correct movements for your sport, so they have become automatic neuromuscular sequences in the cerebellum of your brain.

CONTRACTILE MASS - the number and size of the contractile fibers of your muscles.

BODYFAT - the amount of dead weight in fat your muscles have to carry.

STRENGTH - the force at which your muscles can contract.

BALANCE - your posture in standing and moving, and the balanced development of opposing muscle groups that yield it.

FLEXIBILITY - the elasticity of your muscles and connective tissues.

COORDINATION - the linking of muscle chains into smooth, complex movements.

REACTION SPEED - the efficiency of the neuromuscular connections between your muscles, nerves and brain.


by Dr. Michael Colgan.

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