Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kilo profiles at Kissena Track

This is relatively close to the profile I rode for my 1:20.98 kilo, the Garmin profile here resembles the one above. For me to ride a faster time I would need to get up to speed a little quicker and shave time off of the varying splits / segments.

I usually break a Kilo time trial at Kissena track into five segments / splits. The Kilo event starts on the red pursuit line, it is 200 meters from red line to red line. At Kissena track a Kilo takes 2.5 laps to complete. It is hard to pace yourself when you are counting laps, instead it is easier to count segments. As you circle the track and cross the red pursuit lines you count segments and it becomes easier for pacing and focus. As far as pacing, profile 'A' above would be the best profile. Profiles 'B' & 'C' would not yield your best time, considering you have to juggle the energy / lactic acid equation.

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