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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Casco Helmet with Heads Up Display - HUD

HUD displays - Jet Fighters have them, cars have them, why not on a bicycle helmet? The CASCO helmet visor is the perfect platform for a Heads Up Display. At least the most important component speed, could somehow be projected onto the visor without creating clutter and obstruction to vision - perfect for time trials. Speed information could be transmitted from a cyclocomputer or GPS device. Maybe this might be too far fetched, but at the rate technology is progressing we might see this in about five years. Whoever thought we would have electronic gear shifting on road bicycles? Or a Garmin GPS for bicycles? Heck even smart touchscreen computing cell phones were but a distant thought 10 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Too bad so many tracks in the US now are cracking down on the use of CPSC certified helmets only, which excluded Casco helmets. Just recently at the junior natz at T-town, they team had to change helmets because they were not permitted to use the Casco Warp's.

It has been a couple years in discussion, about Casco getting this CPSC sticker… I think it's about time.

Do you ride a Warp for Omnium, mass start events? How is it?

I ride a Casco Attack and love it. I just wish I had the white one, because the standard matte black gets burning hot on a outdoor track in the sun. said...

I just bought the Warp III. I bought it to use in the flying 200 meters, match sprints and kilo events.

Who is responsible for getting these helmets approved in the US - would it be CASCO or the US cycling authority?