Monday, November 8, 2010

Brooklyn Velo Force - Velodrome comparison article by Scott Demel

.........Two BVF teammates, Chris Barbaria and Mike Howard, competed at tracks away from New York City region this season: Masters Track Nationals at the Frisco, Texas Velodrome and at the Pan-American games in Cuba. Chris described racing at the 250m Frisco Velodrome “like another sport” when compared to our local tracks at Kissena and Trexlertown. The steeper banking, the short straights and wood surface completely changed the approach to riding. For comparison:

- Kissena is 400m, an asphalt surface and banked 19 degrees.

- Trexlertown is 333m, a concrete surface and banked 27 degrees.

- Boulder is 142m, a wood surface, and banked 45 degrees............ read more

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