Friday, November 5, 2010

Typical Weight Training during the Hypertrophy Phase - October thru November

Currently doing a combination of Hypertrophy / Endurance weight training using relatively light weights.
My One Rep Max (1RM) for the Squat and Bench Press
Based on the One Rep Max I am doing a combination of Medium to Low intensity workouts alternating between upper body on one day and lower body another day. This gives the muscles 72 hours to recover and repair.
Typical warm up and core workout before weight training - takes about 15 minutes.
Typical lower body workout takes about 1 hour. This one leaves me extremely winded and sore.
Typical upper body workout takes about 1 hour. Not as hard as lower body but still a lot of residual soreness.

 December to February will be the Strength Phase.
March to April will be the Power Phase
May to September will be maintenance Phase

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