Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dropbox (Cloud Computing)

I would recommend 'Dropbox' if you have more than one computer, a smart phone, an iPad, iPod or any other computing device, where you would want to access and easily organize your files in a central location and then later archive them. I have a USB stick which I use to transfer files from one computer to another, unfortunately you can't plug a USB stick into a smart phone or iPod. The next best solution is to store your files to the "Cloud" where it can be accessed from anywhere. Drop box offers 2 Gig storage which is more than enough space for what I do. You can also download the 'Dropbox' App to your smart phone where you can easily access files that were uploaded to the Cloud. It is also a very efficient way of transferring photos or files from your smart phone. Just drag and drop, best of all it is free, I like free.

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