Friday, March 22, 2013

Note from Kimberly Edwards - Masters World Champion

Note from Kimberly Edwards:

I had so much encouragement and support from friends and training partners in our wonderful Kissena track community that I welcome any opportunity to say that publicly.

Here is a summary of the events I took part in:

I did the 500m, the match sprints, and scratch race.

In the 500m, I had a mental blip and pulled up early, but recovered sufficiently to finish with silver.

In the match sprints, I qualified first and was able to win the finals in two straight rounds.  I was closely matched with my competitor in the gold finals, but I am certain that all the practice with my Kissena friends leading up to the event was a huge factor in my being able to pull it off when it mattered.

The scratch race was a combined  field with the women in their 30's (all placed as one race).  It was a fairly  fast race but nothing got away It finished basically like a long keirin and I was able to sprint for the win.

I attached a couple of pictures of the sprint finals and scratch finish, as well as some podium shots and a picture of me with my jerseys/medals/bike.  There is also picture of Andrew LaCorte giving me some tips before heading out for the sprint.  Even with the challenging race schedule of his own, he was a great support.

Match Sprints

Scratch Race Finish

World Champ Jersey and Affinity Bicycle

Andrew LaCorte giving some Sprinting advice

Scratch Race Podium

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