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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fit Test on 10/31/2009

It has been about 1 month now since I started the gym, transitioning into weight lifing and detraining the cycling muscles. On 9/26/2009 I did a base line fit test at home. Today I did the same fit test in the gym - all the scores have improved, except the recovery pulse after a 3 minute step test - this is understandable since I am not doing interval training at the moment.

Body weight - 175 lbs.

Test - Pull Ups with palms facing in
Quantity = 15
Score - average
Measures upper body strength and endurance.

Test - Vertical Leap
Quantity = 22 inches
Score - above average
Measures lower body power levels.

Test - Push Ups
Quantity = 62
Score - Excellent
Measures muscular strength and endurance.

Test - Sit & Reach Toes
Quantity = +3 1/2 inches past toes
Score - Good
Measures flexibility of the lower back and hamstring.

Test - Wall Sit isometric
Quantity = 2 minutes 30 seconds
Score - Excellent
Measures quadriceps strength and endurance.

Test - In & Out crunches
Quantity = 100
Score - Excellent
Measures abdominal strength and endurance

Test - Standing Long Jump
Quantity = 7’-5”
Score - Average
Measures explosive power of the legs

Test - 3 minute Step Test - HR 166
Quantity = HR after 1 min 156 bpm
Score - Very Poor
Measure your ability to recover after a hard effort

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