Saturday, October 17, 2009

Riding on an Indoor Wooden Velodrome by Alex

As most of you know Alex is currently training on the ADT Indoor wooden velodrome in California with National Team and Olympic riders. I asked him what it was like riding on a smooth indoor wooden velodrome and what tires have the best traction. Below is his reply:

"When riding on ADT the most important thing to consider is tire traction. If you are going to be doing anything slow, like match sprints, neutral laps in a mass start race or even the begining of a warm up - tire traction is an important consideration. Track specific, even wooden track specific tires are the key to staying upright on the banking when going slow. I use the Vittoria Evo Pista CS, these work really well versus regular crit tubulars, its like night and day."

Here is a link to some more information:

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