Saturday, August 8, 2009

8 8 2009 T-Town revisited

Last time I rode on the T-Town track was 1988, today I re-visited T-Town after over 21 years to take part in a race called the Nittany Cup - I rode in the 3&4 category.

In the flying 200 meter only the top 6 qualified for the sprints, I qualified 7th with a 12.85. In the Kilo event I finally broke into the teens with a 1:19.98. For both of these events I used a 108" gear (52x13).

I could have gone faster in the flying 200 meter, but I was a bit disoriented with the 333 meter track since I was accustomed to the 400 meter Kissena track.

FLYING 200 METER - 12.85 = average speed 35 mph

KILO TIME TRIAL 1:19.98 = average speed 28 mph

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