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Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009 Masters National in Colorado Springs, results

Christopher Barbaria

Christine D'Ercole

Marius (Alex) Farioletti

Danny Lim

Andrew LaCorte

Dominique Hall

Bonnie Woodbury

Some preliminary results received via text message from Andrew LaCorte:

Danny Lim - Die Hard Cycling - 5th overall in the men's 30-34 year old Sprints.

Christine D'Ercole - Affinity Cycles - Top seed with 12.6 seconds in flying 200 meter

Andrew LaCorte - Affinity Cycles - Top seed with 10.7 seconds in flying 200 meter

Marius (Alex) Farioletti - Affinity Cycles - Qualified second with 11.04 seconds in flying 200 meter.

Some final results can be located here.

Bonnie Woodbury (Lance Woodbury's mom) got the silver medal in the 500 Meter event - 44.739 seconds, last year she was the National Champion in this event.

Christoper Barbaria - Affinity Cycles - 1:12 Kilo Time - 9th

Christine D'Ercole - Affinity Cycles - 40.846 seconds in 500 meter - 4th

Dominique Hall - 41.524 seconds in 500 meter - 5th results

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