Friday, August 14, 2009

Flying 200 Meter at Kissena - 12.60 seconds in 52x13 gear on 7/19/2009

So this is what I discovered works for me - a very large gear 52x13 = 108" and a drag race down the back stretch. This method seems to defy logic, but for this season, I will use it at Kissena.

As you can see the first lap is done at a very relaxed pace to save energy, with hands resting at the top of bars. It is only by the gate on the bell lap where I slightly ramp it up - then get into the drops - cross the start and finish line out of the saddle to get the gear going - sit back down - then jump hard out of the saddle from turn two into the pole lane, using the steep banking.

From here it is an out of the saddle drag race pass the 200 meter line into turn three. Turn three is where I sit and hammer to the finish. Most of the time I try to stay on the red line, you can carry more speed through turn four on the red line, even though the white line would be the shortest distance. If you ride too close to the white line you are likely to swing wide in turn four if you are carrying a lot of speed. Not to mention you could run over the sponges which are placed just outside the white line to prevent you from riding on the blue band.

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