Friday, April 23, 2010

Tapering for Opening Weekend 2010

Short duration standing starts - managed to get maximum power up to 1,232 watts on one effort (40 minute ride).

One 4 minute round of Tabata intervals - power range from 600 to 350 watts (30 minute ride).

I am in a three week taper for opening weekend. Tapering is about maintaining intensity while reducing volume of training and getting enough rest so as not to induce fatigue. I am still doing weight work and plyometrics, reduced the bicycle mileage while maintaining intensity with intervals and short duration maximum efforts. My main focus this year is the Flying 200 meter, and Kilo event. The mass start events I will most likely do well in, will be the one lap Chariot, Kerrin, Win and Out and short Scratch races (less that six laps). Points and Miss and Out races will not be my strong points because my short term recovery is not there. As we get older we have to focus on certain events, gone are the days when I could be jack of all trades. I marvel at the young riders like Colin Prensky who would do an early morning road race in Central Park or Prospect Park at 6:30 am and then show up at Opening Weekend or States at noon and lay down one of the fastest Kilo times of the day.

Here is a book called "Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance" you can read some free pages at the link above.

The three main events I am focusing on this year in order of importance with C being the least important and A the most important:

C event = Opening Weekend in May
B event = International Omnium in June
A event = NY State Championships in August

B event = Labor Day September
C event = Misc Training Road Races

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