Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Track Cycling Drills

A basic and easy exercise to use at a track cycling session is called taking laps, such an easy exercise for the track riders to understand. Commonly used as a fitness exercise where one or more riders can take a lap on the rest of the group, splitting the group into two separate groups at half lap distance apart is a variation of the exercise.

Riders using the lap changes technique while taking the lap . (Mentioned on Team Spirit Cycling Camps or here on

How taking laps exercise is performed !

The track cycling coach will instruct all the riders to enter the track and make their way up to the blue line which is approximately half way up the velodrome banking together as one group to save on time, otherwise gathering riders will eat up to much time from the session.

Riders are instructed to ride in a single file manner at a steady pace, riders should use this as a warm up to the exercise and recovery phase during the exercise.

Once the riders are settled into formation the exercise can begin, the track cycling coach will use a whistle to indicate to the rider at the front to launch up to speed by dropping down the velodrome banking accelerating to the black data line at the bottom of the track using the shortest rout to get around and gain a lap on the rest of the group.

The track cycling coach may blow their whistle to indicate to each rider at the front of the group when to go, the track cycling coach may verbally indicate how many rider may take a lap working together as a group or as two riders.

The level of intensity of the effort will be at the track cycling coaches discretion, usually depending on how long track coach wants the exercise to last and also what the riders want out of the session.

Ÿ Riders up on blue line single file

Ÿ Track coach blows whistle to indicate the next rider in line to go

Ÿ Rider on the front of blue line group drops down to the black line to gain their lap

Ÿ Rider has gained a lap by joining the back of the group

Ÿ Rider now has time to recover from their effort while in slipstream of a steadily paced group

It is important for the riders when rejoining the group is to scrub off their speed by riding up over the top of the tail end of the group, this helps them to slow the track bike down without having to back pedal to reduce speed, also from the safety point of view the track beneath the group is clear for the lead rider or riders to drop down when indicated by the track cycling coach.
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