Monday, April 26, 2010

Tufo Tape

Further to my posting below, I sent an email to Tufo to find out about their Tufo tape compatibility and whether they made glue in tubes to supplement their tape - here is the response:

Hello Mike,
Only tape here, and it is for use ONLY with Tufo tires, do not use on Vittoria,
Vladimir Juhas

And some more information at this link

Tufo Gluing Tape eliminates the time-consuming gluing process for tubulars. Install the tape and tire, remove the tape backing and inflate the tire. The adhesive is pressure activated and ready to use immediately.

# Designed for extreme heat or cold conditions
# Tubular rims should be cleaned with acetone prior to using Tufo rim tape
# When reapplying, old tape should be scraped off first.
# For very wet and muddy conditions, a combination of standard glue and tape will ensure the tire/rim bond
# Sold individually, tapes one tire
# For technical information on tubular tire mounting methods, please go to

TUFO Tubular Tape WARNING!:
TUFO GLUING TAPE HAS BEEN DEVELOPED FOR USE WITH TUFO TUBULAR ROAD TIRES ONLY. IF USED WITH OTHER TUBULAR TIRE BRANDS, THE TAPE MIGHT NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY AND THE TIRE COULD SEPARATE FROM THE RIM. This is because Tufo brand tubulars do not have a raised center seam and the cotton tape is not coated with latex. This construction method allows the Tufo Gluing Tape to fully adhere directly to the full width of the cotton tape of the Tufo tubular.

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