Friday, May 7, 2010

Kissena Crashes

Crashes at Kissena track are few and far between. Where and how you crash will determine the extent of your injuries, one could easily walk away with a few minor scrapes or be carried away with major trauma and broken bones. Riders know this, that is why the inherent respect for each other and each other's turf exist at the track. Also familiarity with each other's riding style helps to avert accidents, this is not the Nationals, Olympics or Worlds where much is at stake and unnecessary risks are taken.

But having few crashes should not lead to complacency. We should have systems in place and proper protocols to deal with any accidents at large events such as opening weekend, states and labor day where the number of riders go up exponentially.

It was a bit disconcerting the ambulance took such a long time to get to the track on Saturday. Maybe an ambulance should be on standby at these large events.

Gary Steinberg sent a status on his injuries:

"I don't have much memory for about 5 hours saturday, and was admitted to the trauma unit up the street. Aside from the head injury I had three broken ribs (now upped to four), and perhaps a few other parts that haven't showed up yet (perhaps the shoulder or part of my back), my collar bone is broken, and my lung collapsed and had a puncture. I have surgery scheduled for next Thursday to repair the collarbone. "

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Bob said...

I'm the 1st responder who tended to Mr Steinberg's injuries at the track.(I work as an ER volunteer in a major hospital).
Sadly, I believe I'm the only person (certainly the 1st) to call for an ambulance, and part of the delay was that nobody was able to tell me the exact location (intersection) of the track!
The ambulance did respond in a timely fashion. However the race organizers fail to see the need for an attending EMT and 1st aid equipment.
As a motorcycle riding instructor I do see significant injuries at speeds slower than Mr Steinberg's speed prior to the crash.
I urge the organizers to face reality and provide adequate care for injured riders.
Suppose I was not present that day?