Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mark Wagner's Kilo Data - 1:18.28

Mark just graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. He has shared his kilo data with us - you can also view an animation of his ride which shows speed, cadence, heart and other data on various sections of the ride at this Link. Data was recorded on a Garmin gps device.
Equipment used:
-Aero helmet
-Regular track bars
-No shoe covers
-No sunglasses
-No gloves
-49 x 15 = 88" gear
His ride was good for the overall fourth fastest time of the day as noted here.
I forgot to turn my Garmin device on at the start of my ride, therefore lost a good opportunity to collect some good data.
Picture below is of Mark riding the Cat 4 points race and not his Kilo.

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