Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 2010 opening weekend Saturday Kilo - 1:20. 27

Opening weekend is finally here. I rolled out of bed this morning after a sleepless night with a fever and a heavy post nasal drip - allergies or a cold I guess. On Friday I knew I was getting sick when I started feeling lethargic. Usually the allergies act up early in the month of April, but I didn't expect it to happen this late. Same thing happened two years ago on opening weekend.

Feeling slightly dejected I headed off to the track knowing that I wouldn't be capable of a 100% effort, but still didn't want to miss opening weekend, which usually sets the tone for the rest of the season. Adding to the dejection, master rider Gary Steinberg crashed in turn four during a warm up sprint. This was something no one wants to see because it screws with your mind, especially when an ambulance has to be called to take the rider to the hospital. Lets hope Gary gets better soon. You quickly have to put crashes out of your mind or else you wouldn't be able to race.

Having said that I posted my fastest effort yet at Kissena - unofficially 1:20.27 according to video above, and officially 1:20.80. I think this was good for fourth in the Masters 40 plus. Have to wait for the official results to be posted.

My splits were:
200 meters - 17 seconds - 26 mph
400 meters - 16 seconds - 28 mph
600 meters - 14 seconds - 32 mph
800 meters - 16 seconds - 28 mph
1000 meters - 17 seconds - 26 mph
Average speed = about 28 mph

I would need to ride my 800 split at 14 seconds and my finishing 200 meters at 15 seconds to get anywhere near my 1:16 target for this year at Kissena Track. I know I would be able to do a 1:16 kilo at T-Town this year.

-Gear used today was 51 x 14 = 98"
-Karbona rear disk
-Mavic ellipse spoked front wheel
-Aero bars
-Aero helmet
-Long sleeve skin suit
-Shoe covers

Weather at about 2:00 pm:
-Temp 83
-Humidity 38%
-Pressure 29.82
-Winds NE at 10 mph

Team Sprints:
In the team sprints Terrence Lien, Rich Carolan and myself posted the second best time for Masters 40 plus. Usually in the Team Sprints, the first rider would use a smaller gear, the second rider slightly larger and the third rider even larger. This is due to the drafting effect and conserving energy. Gears used today were 88, 90 & 92.

Miss & Out:
Miss & Out race today - well lets just say I missed and I was out, not my cup of tea.

I have a bunch of videos of the various catergorized races which I will post later on. The women's field was one of the largest yet at Kissena this year, thanks to the good coaching work by Joe Brennan.

Chirs Barberia of Affinity cycles won all masters events today, including the road race in Prospect Park. Colin Prensky of Affinity cycles posted the fastest Kilo time of the day 1.11.

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