Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day 2010 Master's Races - my report

The Masters 40 plus races consisted of three events - a six lap scratch, an unknown distance and a 20 lap feature race. The six lap scratch race started straight from the line with John Orcut (specialist pursuiter / time trialist / road rider) taking off like a bat out of hell. I was caught off guard in the middle of the bunch behind some slower traffic, by then a large gap had opened up to the leading three riders. I expended most of my energy which is usually reserved for the sprint to close that gap with the rest of the pack on my tail. It took me a lap to close the gap at an average speed of about 30 mph in a 94 inch gear (49x14), I was fried with one lap to go and dropped out. This set the tone for the rest of the races, I just did not have the legs this time especially with the unknown distance and the constant attacks from the road riders. I changed my gear to 92 (48x14) for the next two races, but the legs were still fried. The unknown distance ended up being a ten lap race which I did not finish either. My plan for the 20 lap race was to win the first preeme which came after six laps, this I did quite easily in an all out sprint, but once again I expended all my energy and did not have anything left to finish the race.

This year my training was geared towards the Kilo and Match Sprints. I only did about four mass start events on the track for the whole season and no road racing - this certainly will affect the endurance aspect. I am not talented or young enough to do everything. I also know that when I sprint for a preeme or points that I would not be able to recover in a race to finish it, especially on a long outdoor track like Kissena. Most of the times instinct takes over where my nervous system has been programmed to sprint when I hear the bell like Pavlov's Dog. This could also be considered a severe case of stupidity by not thinking and reading a race properly and setting up for the overall win. At least when I do sprint I go from the top of the banking to help my acceleration and when it is my turn to pull I take my turn, but next time I am going to conserve my energy and use my brains to read the race rather than going by instinct.

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