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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Revist of the Tabata Intervals

I revisited doing Tabata intervals on the spin bike yesterday after not doing them since May 2010, which I believe made me sick from the early morning efforts. They certainly made me lose weight, although a bit too intense for my liking. Seems like I am starting to put some poundage back on as the cold temperatures approach, bike riding miles reduced and weight training loads increase.

In this session of spin bike Tabata, my pulse went above 190bpm after the fifth 20 second effort, my pulse usually never goes this high during regular spin bike interval workouts. Tabata intervals are supposed to be done at 170% of VO2 max, which currently for me is between 400 to 450 Watts. I was able to maintain that range for the first two efforts and then could only manage about 350 Watts for the remaining efforts. My legs started to feel like lead, my right butt cheek went spastic and my lungs started to expel sputum- felt like a kilo time trial rolled up into a points race...cough...cough.

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