Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16 2010 4th Annual Iron Arse 150 track ride - stats

Today was the annual 150 lap iron arse track ride, but before the ride I spent an hour in the gym doing squats and some other upper body workouts, above is the heart rate profile. The majority of the workout was spent in the Zone 3 as opposed to the 150 lap endurance ride heart rate profile where the majority of the ride was spent in Zone 5. I was using a 45x16 gear which is a 75.9 inch gear. Basically we did 150 laps in 2 hours at an average speed of about 20 mph.

Below is the stats from my cell phone using the Endomondo tracking app.

Weather today between 12 noon to 2 pm:
Temp - 58F
Humidity - 44%
Wind - 20 mph at NW

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