Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/7/2011 Kissena Kilo Times

Video - me starting on the far side.

My time 1:23.98 in a 94 inch gear - totally disappointing, legs felt like lead.

My 200 meter splits:
1 - 200 = 19.31 seconds
2 - 200 = 14.40 seconds
3 - 200 = 15.68 seconds
4 - 200 = 16.88 seconds
5 - 200 = 17.71 seconds

Position: Queens, NY
Altitude: 50 feet above Sea Level
Equipment: Tiemeyer Track bike

Front Wheel: Cane Creek 85mm
Front Tire: Tufo S3 lite 19mm tubular
Rear Wheel: Karbona disk wheel
Rear Tire: Tufo S3 lite 21mm tubular
Bars: Drop bars with aero clip on bar 
Seat Post: Kinked
Helmet: Casco Aero
Skinsuit: Long Sleeve
Shoe covers: Yes
Warm up gear: 48 x 16 = 81"
Racing Gear: 49 x 14 = 94"
Riders at track: 80 

Weather at about 2:00 pm:
-Temp 68F
-Humidity 37%
-Pressure 29.85
-Winds NW at 9 mph

Started strong and faded badly - could not control the bike at speed in a 94" gear (49x14) in my new setup, the front wheel was unstable or my core muscles were weak today? The regular Mavic ellipse spoked front clincher wheel at 140 psi gives me better control as opposed to the deep V sections or tri spokes. Today I used a deep V (80mm) rim in the front. In retrospect I think a 92" gear (48x14) with a Mavic ellipse front clincher, with the same configuration, would have yield a better time. Only one shot and so many variables to play around with -dam! Last year I did a 1:20.80 with a 98" (51x14) on opening day.


Other times of the day to be sorted and posted.

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