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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Garmin GPS Edge 305

Just a quick note on the Garmin Edge 305 GPS - it is a great training and analytical tool for the track in addition to the road. I've only had it for about a month now and I am finding new applications for it on the track. It is very useful in recording a bunch of data which is stored on the device indefinitely and can be downloaded to your computer for analysis and as an automatic record of the ride.

Take for example if you are doing time trials such as the flying 200 Meter, 1000 Meter or 2000 Meter you can download and look at the yellow tracking map or path you took during the ride (see above) each black node is a point where your speed changed, the blue lines connecting the black nodes show how much time and distance you spent at that particular speed as you place the cursor over the various points on the graph. This is useful information to know for your next training run, you can even program the device to have a virtual on board pacing partner whom you have to keep up with to achieve your set targets.

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