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Monday, May 12, 2008

Kissena Track - Women's Racing

Women's Track Racing

by Mary-Lynne Williams, Avenue A Razorfish Cycling
(thanks to Minda Aguhob for helping put this piece together and Michelle Lee and Patrick Littlefield for photos)
Ladies! We know you are curious about the track, so here's your chance to try it out!

On April 13th, I helped supply Joe Brennan with some women who wanted to learn track racing to prepare for the Opening Weekend races April 25th. Joe kindly held an impromptu clinic and coached us on what a flying 200 is, pacelining on the track, telephone pole jumps and how to do a standing start (e.g. put Joe's pants on - sorry inside joke which we'll let you in on when you attend the next clinic). We also did a mock scratch race. Some women raced on borrowed bikes that they were riding for the first time and some women showed off their new fixed gears - like Minda's tiny 44cm Havnoonian (with pink chain!) and Michelle's tiny little Felt. Michelle and I had attended his clinic last year and it was really helpful! more

5/17/2008 Kissena Track Clinic - Joe Brennan:

The women's only track clinic is this Saturday, May 17, 2008. This is in place of John's regular Saturday Coaching session. For those who come to the track on Saturday afternoons for high performance training, the women's clinic should be done by 2:30PM. Currently, there are 4 slots available for women who need to borrow a loaner bike. They need to register on For women who have their own track bike, there is no limit.

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