Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book on "Training for the Velodrome"

I haven't come across any books dedicated solely to the sport of  training for Track Cycling. I guess Track Cycling is a secretive niche sport that it is economically unfeasible for someone to write a book - triathlon and road cycling are more popular variations of the sport. I am certainly not qualified to write a book on the subject. But if there was such a book, then the framework might go something like this:

1 - Analyzing the demands of track cycling.

2 - Assessing your health and functional strength.

3 - Testing and baseline fitness measurements.

4 - Creating a yearly training plan based on your goals.

5 - Building strength in the gym.

6 - Building power in the gym.

7 - Indoor cycling workouts.

8 - Pre-hab, core, agility workouts & stretching / massage.

9 - Converting strength and power to speed on the bicycle.

10 - Kilometer training.

11 - 500 meter training.

12 - 200 meter training.

13 - Match sprint training.

14 - Mass event and endurance training.

15 - Team events training.

16 - Motor pacing and leg speed workouts.

17 - Tactics and mental preparation.

18 - Equipment selection & aerodynamics.

19 - Gearing selection.

20 - Race day preparation.

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MarkW said...

While it is getting out of date by now, and is not explicitly about track training, the book "No Brakes!" by Sandra Sutherland is about the best track racing book out there that I've seen. It has a lot of interviews with previous big names in American track cycling which includes each one's personal take on training, diet, tactics, etc.