Sunday, June 1, 2008

6 1 2008 Kissena Super Sprint Sunday

Hi everyone. We have 60 riders enlisted for Sunday's festivities, so I wanted to warn you all in advance that this is going to take a while. As it stands I've been able to tailor a decent program but it looks like it'll be 5 hours long. A little longer than I wanted but for all these riders not much I can do here.

Here's the formats for Sunday's races:

We will have the 200m Flying TT's first, then the opening round of sprints, followed by 1st round repechages, then semi-finals, then the finals. The Women will go first followed by the Cat 5's, the Cat 4's, and finally the Cat 123's.

For the women and Cat 5's, the top 12 times will qualify for the 1st round, with the remaining riders to face off after the semis. For the Cat 4's and Cat 123's, the top 9 times will qualify for the first round, with the remaining riders also facing off after the semis.

The 200m TT's will have riders lineup by category, but we need to make sure this procession keeps moving because this will probably take at least 2 hours to do. Just like a time trial on the road, I'll need at least 3 to 4 riders in line waiting to go in order to keep this moving. Once a rider hits 1 to go on their TT, the next time will be send off on the track to start their warmup lap. Please keep in mind that you need to get off the track once you are done with your TT so nobody gets interfered with.

Once the sprints get underway we will line up the rider along the rail with the highest seeded rider first in line to the lowest seeded rider last in line. The lead rider must maintain the lead until the white line on the backstretch of the track, unless he/she is overtaken by another rider. Once past that line please note the maximum of 2 trackstands of less than 30 seconds each that are allowed.

I will have a riders meeting at noon to answer any questions and to explain anything else I might have forgotten here. Looking forward to a great, albeit long, day at the track.


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