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Friday, June 13, 2008

6 11 2008 Kissena Track 1 lap chariot race Garmin Data

Speed profile:- as you can see the maximum speed in the above chart indicates 39 mph. This is not quite right, it is four miles per hour faster than what was indicated on the Cateye Cyclo computer. The Cateye indicated a maximum speed of 35.1 mph. It appears the speed on the Garmin becomes erratic and indicates 2 to 4 mph faster, at speeds over 30 mph. There is no way I would ever hit 39 mph under my own steam in a 50x15 (90") gear at Kissena Track.

Heart rate profile:- way too high and out of my zone.

Cadence Profile:- Gear used 50x15 = 90"

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