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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6 2008 Blaine MN Fixed Gear Classic report by Andrew LaCorte

First I have to say the hospitality was unreal! The people, the fans, the staff, the riders and the officials were great! I had a great time! The track was awesome and at this point is my favorite track in the country. Blaine is the only track to have on-site dorms. I have been invited to come again and this time with the team. We should make a point to go again. We can then send the Road squad to do Nature Valley.

I went down during practice.......but I was able to recover for the racing.

Day 1

I qualified into the finals and took a 2nd in the Chariot semi finals and a 5th in the Chariots finals. Was the most tactful Chariot I have been in. I was blocked from the gun during the finals.
I took 4th in the invitational 1 lap record attempt. I missed the tape because I rode high into turn 1 out of a flying one lap. The officals had to go to the stop watch average of three watches.

In the sprints Chiappa and Barcheski scratched and I messed up during the 200m time trial.

On our track and in T-Town it is a free two laps before we go and get timed. At Blaine's 250m it is 3 free laps then you go, something I should be used to from ADT. Well I went on two laps. Officals apologized afterwords and stated that I should have said something. What can you do. According to my 14.4 250m time in the invitational one lap (Chappa did a 13.1, Barcheski did a 13.6) record attempt (my 200 meter time) I would have been in the finals contesting for 1st or 2nd in the sprints. What a drag.

Day 2

I only made it to the semi's in each race I was in. (One Mile Sprints 6 laps, and the Keirin)

I wanted the team sprint (my favorite race) record at Blaine. Things were looking very good. However, the Madison was a few races after the sprints so my overall choice for 3rd rider bailed.

On team Sommerville Sports, World Team I had the National collegiate champion, gold medal winner from 2007 on my team and going first.

I was going second.

And we had a pro-rider from the road team Colavita currently riding for Texas Road House riding in 3rd position.

James Tainter, 3 time National Champion and his local squad before us went and broke the record.

We are now up against one of the fastest riders in the world, Roberto Chiappa. He also has Ben Barchewski, Jr. National Champion, Silver medalist in Sprints, Gold medal winner in Kerin and Team Sprints at 2007 Elite Nationals and Muitiple Masters gold medal winner, Matt Definbach.

We are up. Gun up, and fired. Eugiune (first guy on my team) records best first lap time recorded and is ahead of Ben and the favored team across the track from us. Eugine is towing me around the track, I am still out of the saddle with plenty more power to go, Eugine moves to his right and I go as hard as I can. We are still ahead. I finally sit down with about 150 meters to go. I now record the best second lap. I turn to my left and we lost our third rider as he could not hang. I was very disappointed. We were on our way to setting track record no doubt about it. I recorded a 14.1 second lap faster then my previous 14.4 fly one lap.

What can you do? This is track racing you have to love it........

Link to Official Results

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