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Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 25 2008 Bike Fit at Performance Labs HC

Bike should fit you:
Bicycles have changed radically in the past 20 years. Most now come in small, medium and large with weird nonadjustable head sets attached to carbon fiber forks, which need to be cut to the right lenght or else you would find it difficult to dial in the best position. All the old rules of bike fit seem to be out the window - a bike should fit you, not the other way around.

A proper ergonomic position:
· Increases Bio mechanical Efficiency
· Improve Comfort, Balance & Power
· Address Areas of Pain

How do you know if you are getting the best power transfer or are in your most bio mechanically efficient position? Ergonomic fitting services are an applied science that can prevent injury and insure that you are in the most optimum position for your body.

The goal of a good bike fit is to set the saddle, handle bars and cleats in a position that allows you to turn the pedals efficiently and with no damage to your joints or bones and to avoid undue fatigue. When your riding position fits you, your bones can carry more of the stress of applying power to the pedals and supporting your body, and your joints can work and track within their normal range of motion.

A precision bike fit is one that is based on the length of the bones and the position of the joints that are involved in the process of pedaling your bike. In order to get a precision bike fit, each segment of the limbs involved in the pedaling motion needs to be accurately measured. Short of using an x-ray machine, the best way of getting those measurements is by locating and marking the anatomical landmarks on the rider and then taking precise measurements.

Performance Labs HC:
Mike Sherry is the New York Director of Performance Labs HC. He’s a bio mechanics specialist as well a multi sport & cycling coach. Using Perfomance Labs HC’s evidence-based scientific approaches, Mike coaches many top local riders and works closely with the firm’s East Coast based professional athletes.

Check out some of the bike fitting services which Performance Labs HC offers. Today Mike Sherry adjusted my Road Bike and Track Bike based on calculations made from measurements he took of my body/joints/feet. Adjustments were then made on the bikes with the use of a laser, levels and tape measure. Mike also readjusted the cleat on the shoes based on these measurements and calculations. The whole meticulous process was very interesting. It was very noticable how much more comfortable and efficient my position felt on the bikes after the very informative two hour process.

New York
Contact: Michael Sherry
23 West 89th #1G
New York, NY, 10024
t: +917.406.5982

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