Sunday, February 15, 2009

Australia Masters World 2008 Video coverage technical info

In reference to the video footage seen here which was broadcast live:

The feedback on the coverage has been amazing, and the numbers we have had watching/commenting equally amazing. The whole thing has proven to me that this model really is the future of sports broadcasting - especially for niche sports like this.

Why did we do it? Well, I'm a track racer - love the sport. I was racing in the championships in the pursuit (got 4th place which I was very happy about too). I also run Viocorp ( which is a pretty innovative Australian online video company. I wanted to show that this model can work - ie quality high enough whilst the production cost low enough and the revenue high enough to justify it. The quality was great and we covered our costs - just.

We had four staff on site for the entire 6 days. Two manning the cameras, one mixing the vision and one technician running the live and archive streams. We had four cameras - two manned, one fixed pointing down the home straight and one fixed pointing at the scoreboard. Our senior technician on site pulled over 110 hours of work last week.

Can this be done elsewhere - yes absolutely. One of the key requirements to do it live was having a good internet connection. The Dunc Gray velodrome had a 10Mbps synchronous (ie same upload speed as download) line. But it can be done with a line speed as low as 1Mbps. It can even be done with a wireless 3G connection, but that starts getting a bit scary/dodgy.

Happy to talk to anyone about this further - drop me a line ian @ or 0412999705.

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