Thursday, October 1, 2009

Useful bicycling Apps for iPhone or iTouch


Track your workouts, see your history and trends on the visual calendar and summary.

To log a ride, touch any calendar day. Then record:

distance (km/mi)
number of hills
effort level
group rides
recovery days
freeform notes



The Bicycle Gear Calculator, by JP Martineau, is the perfect app for fixed gear riders and shop mechanics. It lets you figure gear ratios by mixing and matching front and rear tooth counts, and it also gives you the Gain Ratio, which is the distance of pedal travel versus wheel travel.

The Speed Analysis figures out your likely top speed based on cadence. This is a great tool for track racers, helping you calculate what gear range you’ll need for a particular race based on average lap times from previous races. It also automatically calculates what your flying 200 meter time would be based on those settings.


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