Sunday, March 21, 2010

Floyd Bennett Air Field training ride

Above is Floyd Bennett field with course layout, start and finish line and old runways.

Above is the layout of Floyd Bennett field today. History of Floyd Bennett Air Field

Today I went to scope out the course at Floyd Bennett Air Field. I have never ridden or raced at Floyd Bennett Air Field, but I have flown over it numerous times back in the 90s as a Private Pilot. I have taken off and landed on runways and taxied on taxiways, but I never thought I was going to ride a bicycle on them. The first thing that came to my mind today at Floyd - do I need to call air traffic control to get permission to cross the runways? Every thing seemed out of scale on a bicycle at Floyd since the runways and taxiways are wide. Above is what the runway at Farmingdale Airport in Long Island looked like on short final approach to land, during one of my flights in 2004. It certainly is a different perspective from the air. Fighting cross winds and head winds in an aircraft is sure different than fighting them on a bicycle - it was windy out at Floyd today.

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