Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend of gauging progress

This weekend was a weekend of gauging progress after a long winter of gym training and mostly indoor cycling. Yesterday I retook my fit test to see what improvements were made from the last fit test, 5 months ago:

-Flexibility Toe Touch = +3 1/2" (no improvement)
-Vertical Jump Height = 22 inches (no improvement)
-Standing Long Jump = 7'-8" ( improved by 3 inches)
-Pull Ups = 22 ( improved by 7)
-Push Ups = 70 (improved by 8)
-Isometric Wall Sit = 4 min 5 secs (improved 1 min 35 secs)
-Crunches = 105 (improved by 5)
-3 min step test = pulse 178
after 1 min rest = pulse 153 (moderate improvement)

-Weight = 172 lbs
-Body fat = 15%

Today I did a VO2 max workout with a 30 second Sprint Power Test (similar to Wingate Power Test) at the end of workout as profile below shows. I was essentially fatigued before I did this Power Test, next time I will do the test when I am fresh, to hopefully achieve higher numbers.

Below is the Sprint Power Test results (similar to Wingate Power Test) - I achieved a maximum power of 1,195 watts and an average of 750 watts over the 30 second test. According to Joe Friel's Training Bible 3rd Edition, table 5.1 on page 55, those numbers give me a ranking of excellent for Senior Men. Mind you world class power output are in the ranges of 1,800 to 2,000 watts for this test. This test measures your ability to quickly generate force. The average watts number indicates your ability to tolerate lactic acid. I believe the Tabata intervals have helped me this early in the season to improve lactate threshold, and of course the weight training & plyometrics have helped with the ability to generate force.

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