Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Training Summary Sheet for March 2010

Continued interval training with Tabata intervals in the morning three times per week and weight training in the afternoons on the same days. Carmichael Training intervals in the afternoon three times per week on riding days, increased intensity of the workouts.

Stopped heavy weight training and started to concentrate on plyometrics and olympic lifts to convert strength into power (speed strength), started doing deep squats with lighter weights to shock the leg and butt muscles by doing 10 to 8 reps in the hypertrophy range, this adds to muscle confusion and stimulates growth. You can tell you are working harder because the sweat has increased.

FTP and sprint power have increased. Did a 30 second Sprint Power test, max power was 1,195 watts with average of 750 watts. Weight went down to 172 lbs and body fat went down to 15%, this is due to the increased intensity of the interval training workouts. Here again a good indication of hard work is increased sweat.

Did a 10 second sprint power test - 1,212 watts max.

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