Friday, June 4, 2010

6 2 2010 three lap Snowball race

This Snowball race was one free lap and basically a sustained sprint for the remaining thee laps (1,200 meters). Most of the three laps was spent in the sprint zone. The gear I used for this race was 48x14 = 92",  managed to squeeze out a third place. Ironically I did a few of these efforts last Sunday as can be seen here. 

I've noticed the Garmin Edge 305 device gets a bit erractic in recording accurate speeds at anything over 30 mph. I don't think I hit 36 mph top speed on the last lap sprint.

Time to complete 3 laps (1,200 meters) = 1 minute 42 seconds
Average speed = 26.3 mph
Average cadence = 97 rpm

Click here for official results

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