Thursday, June 10, 2010


Dimped fabrics, dimpled wheels, square tubing, watch out for the next big marketing gimmick in bicycles -  nanotechnology

Quote from article:

“Nanoalloy… disperses nanoscale elastomers between the carbon fibers. These elastomers have the ability to absorb impacts and prevent the propagation of cracks as they occur.” The result: Pinarello claims the Dogma frame weighs about 860 grams, 40 grams less than the Prince but is 23 percent more resistant to impacts.

Could this resistance to impacts that Pinarello describes be the same “stronger” that BMC offers up?

Is there anything to all of this nano talk in bicycles other than a cool marketing angle? Impossible to say outside of conducting some real experiments, and it’s hard to imagine anyone being that interested to bother.

What is nanotechnology? Basically it is stuff you can't more

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