Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 20 2010 kissena flying 200 training

Another round of flying 200 meters today from 11am to 3pm. Weather was not too bad with a few threatening sprinkles and then thunder showers after 4:30pm at the track.

Weather at 11am:
Temp 83, humidity 58%, wind 6mph SW

Weather at 2pm:
Temp 88, humidity 51%, wind 12mph SW

Weather at 4pm:
Temp 88, humidity 49%, wind 11mph WSW

-Tiemeyer bike
-Mavic clincher wheels
-Cane creek sprint 85 tubular wheels
-Short sleeve skin suit
-Regular vented helmet
-No shoe covers

-11:00am 20 lap warm up in 79" gear Mavic clinchers

-11:21am flying 100 meter in 79" gear Mavic clinchers

-11:25am flying 100 meter in 79" gear Mavic clinchers

-11:34am flying 200 meter in 79" gear = 13.94 Mavic clinchers
(Avg speed 32.18 mph, Avg cadence 139 rpm)

-12:00pm flying 200 meter in 88" gear = 13.91Mavic clinchers
 (Avg speed 32.2 mph, Avg cadence 125 rpm)

-12:26pm flying 200 meter in 96" gear = 13.06 Mavic clinchers
 (Avg speed 34.4 mph, Avg cadence 122 rpm)

-1:03pm flying 200 meter in 96" gear = 13.75 Cane Creek tubulars
(Avg speed 32.7 mph, Avg cadence 116 rpm)

-1:19pm flying 200 meter in 96" gear = 13.41 Cane Creek tubulars
(Avg speed 33.4 mph, Avg cadence 118 rpm)

-2:00pm flying 200 meter in 108" gear = 12.94 Mavic clinchers
(Avg speed 34.7 mph, Avg cadence 110 rpm)

-3:03pm standing 400 meter in 90" gear = 33.50 Cane Creek tubulars
(Avg speed 26.7 mph, Avg cadence 127 rpm)

Finally broke the 13 second barrier today. Also tried using the Cane Creek sprint 85 tubulars with less air pressure in the 19mm tires, this time I used 140 psi as opposed to 180 psi, which felt like I was riding on ice. The 140 psi pressure feels much better, the wheels do spin up faster than the Mavic Clinchers, but I still have to learn how to finesse them in the turns at Kissena during the flying 200 meter. So far the Mavic Clinchers with Vittoria 23 mm Evo clinchers are the best value for money as an all purpose track wheel set.

This season I have continued lifting weights during the racing season, which I did not do last year, this certainly takes away time from doing miles on the bicycle and does leave some residual soreness, even though lighter weights are used. Haven't had much opportunity to race nor motorpace. No road miles done since October 2009 - except for the track, most training done indoors on a spin bike. Motor pacing is definitely needed to get the leg speed up in the larger gears, the strength and power is there, but the leg speed is not. This season for me would best be described as the "lazy ass method of training." It is kind of tough trying to structure all this around a full time work schedule.

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