Sunday, June 6, 2010

6 6 2010 flying 200 meter training

Effort #1 using a 79 inch gear (47 x 16) equals a time of 14.12 seconds.
Average speed - 31.7 mph
Average cadence - 137 rpm

Effort #2 using a 94 inch gear (49 x 14) equals a time of 13.45 seconds
Average speed - 33.3 mph
Average cadence - 121 rpm

Effort #3 using a 108 inch gear (52 x 13) equals a time of 13.09 seconds
Average speed - 34.4 mph
Average cadence - 109 rpm

Effort #4 using a 117 inch gear (52 x 12) equals a time of 13.47 seconds
Average speed - 33.3 mph
Average cadence - 97 rpm

Conditions at 11:00 am:
Temp - 81 degrees
Humidity - 60%
Wind - 13 mph from SSW
Pressure - 29.43

Wheels - Mavic Ellipse
Bike - Tiemeyer
Helmet - vented regular
Skin suit - short sleeve, no shoe covers

Today I tried a few different gear ratios to see which one would yield me the fastest time. I just wanted to confirm the gear I used last year would yield me the fastest time. It was confirmed that a 108 inch gear (52x13) would give me the fastest time. Today was not an ideal day for time trials, it was hazy, hot, humid and very windy, with a threat of thunderstorms. The 108 inch gear was used for my third effort, considering I would have been a bit tired from the previous two efforts, it still yielded the fastest time. Just for good measure I tried a 117 inch gear (52x12) and I was surprised I was able to do the same time as my second effort, but the profile was a bit erractic since I could not keep the rpms up. If you notice the profile for effort number three in the 108 inch gear, is very smooth with a high top end speed. This shows I am able to get the gear up to a high top end speed and maintain the rpms. I am still hoping to break the 12 second barrier before the end of the season.

Below is the Garmin GPS video profile of Effort #3 in the 108 inch gear.

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