Saturday, June 19, 2010

Omnium event change for 6/27/2010

As per Joe, one event (1600 TT)  will be changed to Miss & Out in the Omnium series for Cat 1,2,3 &4. Event is now more suited for the endurance road riders in these categories:

"Due to a scheduling conflict at the velodrome, we will not have access to the track until noon. So, I'm making the following changes:
* Start at noon, or as soon as possible after that.
* Finish by 5PM
* Change event #3 (probably 1600m TT for Women and 5s, Miss & Out for Cat 1/2/3 and 4s).

I apologize for the late change. If for some reason you can't attend, let me know and I'll do a refund.


The 1600 meter TT could also have been replaced with the Chariot race if time is a factor. Although this would then throw the event in favor of the sprinters. In any case the omnium event is generally suited to riders who have both speed and endurance.

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Siraaj said...

I petition for the Chariot! :-)